Our Service

To be away from the country that you are used to, relocating to a new country, and starting a life from scratch can be hard and time consuming. Advance International Inc., Rental division staff will help to make the transition easy and stress free.
The basic concept for our living space should not differ very much; whether we are from different countries and cultural background, what we all desire is to have a comfortable relaxing home. Our experienced bilingual staff will coordinate to bring style into the living space for expatriates and their families.


The lease term is from just one month up to three years and extension of lease is also available upon request.


Our experienced bilingual coordinator will assist you in finding the items that would fit your style and budget. If you do not know the size of apartment and/or facilities, our coordinator will visit and find out for you. In order for your vision to be put into shape, please let us know of your ideas, preferences, and life style needs!


Our professional bilingual delivery staff and bilingual coordinator will deliver and setup everything for you including all the furniture, lighting fixtures, and home appliances. If you have any questions at the time of delivery, please feel free to ask our staff.


Leased items are available to be purchased at low price after the lease period is over.


Contact us immediately if you have any technical difficulties with the rental/lease items, so that we may repair or bring a substitute item.
Please note that for items leased over three years or purposely damaged, we may ask you to pay the repairment fee. Penalty will not apply for the normal wear and tear, but please note that the payment for damages as listed below is to be borne by you.

  • Items damaged by cigarette burns
  • Stained mattress
  • Heavy stains from food, scribbles, chemicals, pets, etc…